ICF 5 Year Anniversary Partner Competition

ICF 5 Year Anniversary Partner Competition

Event Divisions:

  • Women - Purple

  • Women - Pink

  • Men - Green

  • Men - Orange

  • Teen

Event Details

1. Pick your same sex partner.
2. Sign up here.
3. You OR your partner need to sign up your team. You will be asked your tee or tank size. Please mark both of your sizes and the name of your partner.

Same format as every ICF competition. Morning workouts, food truck, and celebration following events. $60 per team and it will include your tee/tanks and your food tickets. ($30 each).

8:00 - 11:00 3 WOD's per team. Multiple heats per WOD.

Celebration to follow from 11:00 - 1:00 PM.

So excited to celebrate 5 years with all of you!!!!

Event WODS


With a 8:00 Running Clock, the team will find a 1-Rep Heavy for each athlete plus a 1 max handstand/push-ups:

Clean - Power or Squat Handstand Push-ups (Green & Purple) Push-Ups (Orange & Pink) At the call of 3-2-1 Go, the first athlete is up – and onto the CLEAN. This athlete will find their best heavy lift, and can take as many attempts as they would like to. Their best lift will count towards the team total. Transition to the second athlete, who will be completing the CLEAN as well. Same system applies here… find their best clean for the day taking as many attempts as they would like. Teammates are allowed to help change weights for teammates, and clips must be on every single attempt! Once both athletes have completed their max lifts, the remaining time will be for each athlete to take ONE attempt at their max handstand push-ups or push-ups depending on division. These can be strict or kipping. No line to measure, but you must follow the games rules for both feet must touch the wall at the top to start and finish each rep. No worming or snaking on the push-ups. Sum of the best lifts for both athletes plus your max handstand push-ups/push-ups are your team score for workout 5.1.


150 Burpee Box Jump/Step Overs 24/20” For Time AKA 5:00 Athletes will switch every 5 reps. Athletes can choose to jump or step up on the box but must step off the other side of the box. All divisions are required to do a burpee but you are allowed to step out and step in.


WORKOUT 5.3 Partners alternate movements 12 Shoulder to Overhead 12 Pull-ups 12 DB Single Arm Snatch PURPLE: 55, 35 DB PINK: 35, 20 DB, Jumping Pull-ups GREEN: 95, 50 DB ORANGE: 75/35, Jumping Pull-ups TEEN: 45, 20 DB, Jumping Pull-ups


10# BUMPER PLATE HOPS. Each athlete will get 10 seconds to get a max on/off jump. Score is combined reps. You can head over to floater station at any time but must be completed BEFORE workout 5.3 starts for reps to count.

Event Info:

ICF 5 Year Anniversary Partner Competition

Date: April 7, 2018

Location: 41125 N Daisy Mountain Drive, Anthem AZ

Registration: $60.00




Reg Deadline Passed


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